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Women sewing various woolen items.
Women in Progress


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Memories of tea party
Samida Women Development Forum, established in January 2011, is an organization vying for the right and well being of single/ divorced women and women who are victims of domestic violence by implementing various kind or programs like skill development and right awareness. We, on the 28th of May 2011, organized a tea party at Green Olive RestroSisha Bar at Thamel.
We would like to thank all those present in this occasion. In future also, we will be doing such gathering as often as possible. We would like you all to participate in such programs in future and help us morally or with new ideas or material help as applicable.

Once again, Thank You All.

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Interview with the Chairperson of Samida W .D.F
What was the reason for you to establish an NGO?
   Being a divorced mother myself, I had made me understand the problem that a single mother faces in the developing society of Nepal . I myself had been divorced for more than 5 years and having a son had made me understand the problems and discrimination that a single mother get from this society. Over these years I had applied and also worked in many places and have faced the gender inequality. Well I was lucky that I was educated and also had some skills in my hands. Having completed my diploma in beautician ,I used to have a small beauty parlor, shortly after my divorce. But things don't go on as well as you wish. I was betrayed by a broker who told me that he would send me abroad for my work. Believing that friend I sold my parlor and gave him the money he asked for. But he never showed up after getting the money. Then I knew that I had to do something for my living. I worked on many places and happen to find that everyone just wanted to take advantage and use women. Women are always discriminated. 
     Then I started thinking about all those single women and mothers in our country. I'm educated and have a bit of skills in my hands but what about those who are uneducated and don't even have any kind of skill, who are divorced, are widow. Who will understand their problems and lend a hand to them? 
    There is about 2.75 corer people living in Nepal. Hated by the society, discriminated, misunderstood they are always searching for someone who would help them without any negative intention, can understand their feelings and lend them a helping hand. I always wanted to help all those single mother and make them independent. It was impossible to do it individually. Therefore I gathered some trained women to help me out. And that is how this Samida W. D. F was established. 

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MS Rama Devi Sapkota and Son Ramesh Sapkota
Samida Woman Development Forum for Single Women and street childrens
I, Mrs. Sharmila Thapa,the chairperson of Samida(WDF), is about to share the work one by Samida Development Forum. But first I would like to inform why I'm trying to run an NGO on my own. Being a single mother myself has made me realize the problem that a single women faces in the society. So, the Samida Development Forum is the platform which we are trying to provide for those who really needs it. It's just a small beginning of what I've planned.

There is a small wok which we have done for a single mother, probably a widow mother.It began the day when Mrs. Rama Devi Sapkota asked me to help her. When i learnt about her situation, it made me feel really worried for it was the real face of the single mother in the society of our Nepal.

I came to know that sh lost her husband 23 yrs ago on 1988/04/27. When her husband passed away, she had a baby in her womb. Her husband late Mr. Badri Parsad Sapkota was a citizen of Nepal from Sindhuligadi. So we went to get the citizenship certificate of their son Ramesh Sapkota who was born on 1988/12/23. We went Sindhuligadi on 2011/03/28 but the secretary  of VDC Mr. Deepak Koirala refused to provide the application. So, with empty hand we had to return.

But we still had the will to go for it again,Therefore on April 6th,2011 we went Sindhuligadi again. This time we succeeded and Mr. Ramesh Sapkota got his citizenship certificate. This was the first project and I'm really proud to say that it was successful. 
Women who don’t have any kind of support from the male counterparts in their families are called single women. Single women may be a widow, divorce, separated or an unmarried woman over 35 years. Many single women around the world face different forms of discrimination or prejudice. These women also suffer a lot due to stigma and other forms of violence from the patriarchal society of the country.
 Women in Nepal are discriminated in various aspects of everyday life, right from cultural traditions to laws and policies. The situation of widows is even worse with pervasive marginalization from society. Single women are identified as inauspicious, symbol of ill women and the cause of the death of their husbands. Furthermore, there are certain religious and traditional practices which harm physical health and mental state, further aggravating the sufferings of single women and lowering their status in the society.
The Maoist uprising in the country was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of men, leaving a great number of widows and an unequal ratio of men to women. In Nepal, widows or single women are seen as “impure” or “evil” and the term “widow” is seen as derogatory. A widow loses her status in society and is unable to participate in religious ceremonies. BBC states that many widows are confined to the home and domestic chores for the remainder of their lives.
A definite social change alone can alleviate the trauma of single women. In a patriarchal society like ours change has to emanate from the man. The single woman needs social encouragement to get over her traumas and pick up the threads of her life again in terms of taking up a career. The first utmost thing is that single women requite a time and space to meet organize and unleash their own power for change. The organizations agencies should be sensitized to examine the actions they are taking to support single women their own role in perpetuating patriarchy. It is necessary to build social awareness and to change the mind of people towards single women.
Whereas, influenced by the motive of creating conscious, civilized society in a way of building democratic, progressive nation by the virtue of eradication of social vile like gender discrimination, caste discrimination,  untouchability and superstitions via absolute awareness campaign in order to create independent and self-employed manpower; and whereas it is convincing that women, the better half of the world need to be integrated in the mainstream of democratically advanced society without any discrimination by the active participation of women leading them to the recognition of fundamental human rights to education and health; whereas it is indispensable to change the traditional attitude, behavior, and activities towards the sectors like tourism, agriculture, education, health, environment and it is even inevitable to eradicate illiteracy, starvation and ill health from society-village-city to the whole nationwide by minimizing it. Endorsing this sentiment with the inference that the root of this solemn entity being the awareness, with a pious objective of promoting to the progressive nation building by prioritizing the programs for health, forestry and environment agriculture, human rights, law, tourism, and other behavioral education and health related facilities making it wide to the village and cities with the programs of sanitation, adult and child education , safe maternity and reproduction, human rights and others. Hence, in accordance with the organization registration act 2034, with the establishment of organization of organization called “Samida Mahila Manch”, this bylaw 2067 is promulgated on behalf of the organization.
Message from the Chair Person
Message From Sharmila Thapa
Dear well wishers and visitors,
We have just launched this web site. Being a NGO working in Nepal for the support and development of underprivileged women, we greatly need your support. Please visit us again and if you can please spread the words.
We very much welcome your suggestions and feedback.
Thank You. 
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